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Mini Maestros Piano Learning

The questions listed below are those that are commonly asked by our customers before they purchase our Mini Maestros Piano Learning program. If you have a question that isn't answered on our website, please feel free to contact us.

  1. What is Mini Maestros Piano Learning program?
    The Mini Maestros Piano Learning program is a collection of piano lessons created for the digital age. You can download the lessons and play them as many times as you like. Each lesson is taught by its creator, Kim McGee, with an actual student, which keeps the lessons interactive and interesting. The lessons include the software so the student can follow the music at the bottom of the screen. The child can use a stylist pen to write the music notes on the tablet. The system teaches rhythm by having the child tap the tablet, and then the software gives feedback to the student.
    - View screenshots of the Mini-Maestros Piano Learning application
    - Read the Mini-Maestros press release
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  2. Who is Mini Maestros appropriate for?
    Mini Maestros is perfect for anyone who wants to learn music and how to play piano. Our beginner and intermediate lessons are geared toward children 5 years and older. They must know their right from left hand and the alphabet.

  3. What equiptment do I need to get stated using Mini Maestros Piano Learning?
    You will need an iPad iOS 4.3 or later, and access to a piano or keyboard (88 keys preferred).

  4. What makes Mini Maestros different from an in-person lesson or other software and video learning programs?
    Our program has an actual student being taught that makes it fun to learn. You can take lessons at your own pace and repeat the lessons as many time as you like. Unlike other programs, Mini Maestros Piano Learning teaches you to actually learn to read music, not just play by ear. Mini Maestros Piano Learning is not a toy, but a learning program that uses the latest technology to enhance the learning process.
    - View screenshots of the Mini-Maestros Piano Learning application
    - Read the Mini-Maestros press release

  5. What is included with the Mini Maestros Piano Learning program?
    After you download the free software, you can purchase and download each lesson when your child is ready to move on. Each lesson comes with piano instruction and utilizes the Mini Maestos Piano Learning software to learn to read music and play the piano.

  6. What is the cost for the Mini Maestros Piano Learning program?
    The initial cost of the application and Lesson 1 is $1.99 USD. Each additional lesson will be available for an average cost of $5 USD, and can be viewed as many times as you would like by multiple members of the same household.
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