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Mini Maestros Piano Learning

I wish I could tell you that my husband and I created Mini-Maestros overnight, but that would not at all be truthful. It took years and years of experience going to busy parents homes where hectic lives is the common denominator for everyone. Parents were busy driving their children to all of their after-school activities, balancing dinner and everyday errands... many doing all of this after a long day of work. I'm sure you get my point. In many cases, more than one child is learning piano. While it's easier for me to teach 2 or 3 brothers and sisters in the same household, it's not usually easier financially for the parents paying my fee. Even after the discounts I offered, it can still be very costly.

My point is, with our busy schedules life can get overwhelming. This is the main reason we created Mini-Maestros e-leaning interactive piano lessons. As parents ourselves we understand that time and money are truly important when raising a family; there never seems to be enough of either.

Your children can benefit from our piano lessons on the iPad because it was created just for them. They'll have fun at the same time because it's created using the technology they're growing up with, and they'll learn at their own pace. As a bonus, if you have more than one child, you pay only one fee. Read the Mini-Maestros press release.

Now is the time to have beautiful music in your home created by your child!
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